New 750 owner


First, I have to say thanks a lot to this forum for saving me a lot of anguish.

I just bought a nuvi 750 to replace my TomTom ONE from HSN (299.00).

When I tried to register on the Garmin site it told me my 750 was already registered. I had read about that on the forum and discovered I was entering the wrong number. Once I got the right number, it registered fine. Next issue was that I was not offered the 2009 maps. I could BUY them for $69.

Again, from reading the forum, I knew about the issue of my 750 showing the wrong date for first satellite acquisition. I emailed Garmin and got a quick reply. Emailed them back a copy of my receipt and the following day I had the link to download the free update.

Without the forum, I'd have been going nuts.

So far I love the 750 and it has a lot of features the TomTom doesn't have. And the customer support seems WAY better.

New maps are about 70% installed. Won't be long now.

Thanks again to everyone here.


Glad you find it helpful

This is a great site. Garmin is a wonderful company with first rate customer service.

You found the site with the answers. Enjoy!

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New 750 owner

Very happy with my 750 after 5 mos now. Had tried several other brands and garmin is the best of the lot.

Of the several models of

Of the several models of nuvis i have owned the 750 is my favorite.