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I put it off for a long time, but with the rising gas prices I thought maybe MSN Direct would be good investment. However, it looks as if I may have thrown my money away. While I don't get reception at my home, I do get good strong reception in the areas I drive most (Ventura & Oxnard CA). After the receiver was delivered I plugged it in while working (in Ventura) and it started loading up just great. However, when I left work to go home 4 hours later the nearest gas stations and theaters it showed were in Moorpark and Thousand Oaks (20 miles away towards Los Angeles). Even though I get reception, am I not going to get data for this area? Or does it take longer to load data for the fringes of the reception area? I thought when I looked at a unit in an Oxnard store that it had local gas stations listed, although I didn't look that closely and may have assumed they were local.

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MSN Direct

Well, I kind of answered my own question since nothing has loaded in over a week that is less than 20 miles away. Anyone want a good deal on an MSN reciever? wink

Garmin Etrex Vista, Streetpilot 2610, GPSMap 60Csx, Nüvi 750, Colorado 400t, Nüvi 3790t

This is going to be hard to

That is going to be hard to sell that receiver after that review. rolleyes

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Did you look at MSN coverage map?

If you look at the MSN coverage map here:
and then enter Ventura, CA it shows that there is reception coverage, but the reception looks a little spotty around Oxnard. Doesn't look all that remote to me, so I'm surprised if you're not getting coverage or data.

I have the TMC traffic receiver and it just stopped receiving traffic one day. I unplugged it from the lighter socket for a minute and plugged it in again and it started receiving again. Just like a computer, needs to reboot once in a while maybe.

I have MSN and really like

I have MSN and really like it, but I don't really use it for gas. It is nice, but I like the other features. My wife uses it for the movies. I like catching up on the news and stuff. I like looking at gas prices for fun, but it is sad to think that with an average of 15 gallons, all you save it $1.50? We have a grocery store that says "Spend $100 and we will give you .10 a gallon off. That's only 1.5%. Gas is too high. Shoot, I saw $3.85 and I got excited.

There is not reason gas companies need to charge what they do. They keep saying the US only produces 2% of oil and such. Well, it's OK for them to make record breaking profits in this econonmy. They LOVE sticking it to us and they should be crucified. I am all for companies making a profit, but with the way the economy is, to have a record breaking profit is just rediculous. They are laughing their way to the bank.