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I'm pretty new to this, but I am surprised that I can only find one travel guide by Fodor, and the review I read about it was not not flattering. Surely there is a huge market opening up. I would like to be able to find a guide that tells me a little about attractions that I am visiting, gives a comprehensivelly rated guide to local accommodation and eateries, and points out not to be missed sites that are maybe only a few miles away, or like some I have missed - just around the corner.

I would love to see a loo guide, with ratings. How often do we road users end up using some of the most dingy and dirty toilet facilites. Maybe some of our members could start by pointing out bathrooms to avoid and some good wholesome ones they find as well. maybe a rating system 1 - 10, 1 being must have dysentery to contemplate this, to 10 - hey you could eat in here!

So have I missed any such downloads, or am I just too early.


take a look at the

take a look at the attractions page on this site. it has some neat imput


Thanks Robert, It looks like there is some interesting content in that section. I have a couple of questions, what does your Tulsa download have within it? For instance, are there any voice commentaries, photos, etc. as well as location? Currently I just have my new C550 which has some internal memory, but as yet no SD card. So how much information can I download before I have to go shopping for a card? Have you downloaded any attractions info from other members, what should one expect? Maybe I'm being hopeful beyond the capabilities of the system, perhaps all I should expect is a location, please let me know?
Thanks again Reg

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Some tour guides are available at:



Nuvi 350

I have the Fodors North

I have the Fodors North America Travel Guide and find it quite useful. It tells you all about the hotels, restaurants, best times to go, things to see and do. All types of information that I find will add to the usefulness of my Nuvi 350. I think it's money well spent.

the tulsa guide has some out

the tulsa guide has some out of the way places no voice but does locate each site.


Thanks for this, I only saw one review so this is more encouraging, may I'll take the plunge and get one.


Ok that's interesting. I see now that some contributors are doing conversion of text to speech, and adding other sound bytes for warnings so I guess with enough time on one's hands the possibilities are endless. Not sure I have that much time on my hands, myself, but maybe there will be a download in the not too distant future. Thanks again for your help, when I get down Tulsa way I'll upload those POIs of yours.

Ti Amo restaurant


I did a job at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa this week and got to eat at Ti Amo. It was great! Thanks for the recomendation.

Corky Garmin C530

yeh, one of the best around.

yeh, one of the best around.