Miss poi


Hi miss poi.
how long before i will be able to download safety camera database?

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In order to get the file for

In order to get the file for free you have to be an active member, I have added a link to the start of this thread on how to become an active member.

Miss Poi

So I won't be able to

So I won't be able to download for another week or so.

nuvi 755t

You can download it at

You can download it at anytime but if you want it before you achieve active member status it will cost ya $5 wink

You're on track to become active on Feb 19th.

Miss Poi

Active membership

I was thinking about the active membership but don't use pay pal any other options?

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submit a POI file

And, keep participating in the forum...worked for me smile

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Paypal account not needed

If you use a credit card, you can pay without setting up a paypal account. (It works like pretty much any other web site checkout.)

BTW (pursey) you're on track to become active Feb 19th.


I say pay the $5 dollars

I don't have a lot of money but I say if it's worth it pay for it. This is a great website with vast knowledge of information and great people to help you out.

I'm new and not an active member yet but I paid the $5 dollars for the red light file. I figure if it saves me a ticket it paid for it self already.

I think this site should have a link for web donations. I no this site isn't free to run and it cost someone some money.

Just my two cents.


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Participation is the key

I would just participate and wait. Not only after a few weeks was I able to download files, but I learned a lot in the process from all the informative members. I now consider myself knowledgeable and can help other people.
Trust me, you can't beat all the info you learn.


Stay Active

Just don't drop off the face of the computer world with out letting us know what is going on, Makes people (Friends worry).