Triumph Dealer POI


Cape's Performance Center In Niles Ohio has been sold and is no longer a Triumph dealer. Maybe the keeper of POIs could remove them. If some other dealer in the area surfaces I will send a note.


message forwarded

Thanks for letting us know, I have sent a message over to TerrySC to have him make the corrections to his file.

Miss POI

File has been updated

OK Miss POI job completed. Thanks for the info rccjcc.


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File Updates

Is this Dead? I see no updates since 2008.
Triumph has made a LOT o changes to their dealers since then.
Have any been updated?

The location for the Triumph

The location for the Triumph dealer in Little Rock seems to be for a window reseller.

I am working off of the PDF

I am working off of the PDF list that I got from Triumph this week and 2 old csv files I have found. I have not gotten to that one yet.
I will make sure I check it.