First trip with Garmin nuvi 260W


I've had the device for two weeks and probably a day or two more. It's been good so far with a quick response. But I'm not here to give an account on the unit itself, only that I went on a small trip for a few days armed only with the GPS receiver itself.

I put the address in for the condo that we rented and it took me in a different direction that I would have gone however, it got me there and I can't say that it the driving time would have taken any longer or shorter, but it was accurate.

What I found was really nice was that while we (a friend accompanied me) were on the road out in the middle of Alabama on a long stretch of freeway, we decided we needed dinner. We talked about what we should get and so-forth when I had an idea. Ask the GPS receiver what was coming up. It showed several behind us and refreshed every minute, perhaps every half minute I'm not sure, and suddenly one appeared that was coming up. We discussed it on the drive and pressed and made it a via point.

It's a nice feature as we didn't want fast food. So we didn't have to rely on the signs at the exits, this unit gave us options that no map or sign could give. This was a great purchase for what I needed and plus extras I didn't bank on.

So, I just wanted to say something. I'm sure I am going to wonder how I ever got along without this in a month or two.

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Once you start putting your

Once you start putting your own custom pois in your unit you will be really hooked.

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Now you

gone and dun it!! Enjoy your Garmin. No load some more POIS into it and have a ball!


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