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I am new to GPS. I recently bought a Garmin c550 and used POI Loader to load the camera POI csv file to my Garmin. I previously created a subdirectory on my Garmin named POI. The POI Loader seems to have found the folder all by itself as it did not ask me where I wanted the file loaded on my Garmin and there is a new file in the folder named poi.gpi 9k. Does this mean I now have camera POIs loaded on my Garmin? If so, how will I access them from the Garmin? If not, what did I do wrong?

I also have seen some posts where people load maps or POIs and inadvertently overwrite other maps or POIs on their GPS. I do not want that to happen! What will happen to my camera POIs (assuming I have them loaded) if I load another POI file?

Thanks for any help.

Frequently Asked Questions

POI loading

Normally, POI Loader would have created the folder on your Garmin by itself, you do not need to manually create the folder.

With the c550, you can load POI's on the Garmin itself and or on an SD card. If the SD card is installed, POI Loader will provide the option of where you want to load the files.

Each time you load files to a device (Garmin or SD card), all of the files are replaced. If you have file x and y on your unit and then load z, only z will be present. Therefore, you need to have all of your .csv fies in one location i.e. a folder on your PC, and then point PC loader to that location as the source. Each .csv will be listed as a separate listing on your Garmin. If you keep the folder on your PC up to date, then you will not notice the deletion and replacement.

Using the beta version of POI Loader, you can further breakdown your POI's in categories with subfolders.

See the FAQ's for more information.

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