Minneapolis trip


Later this month I'll be going to Minneapolis/St. Paul. This 1,068(as says in the gps) will have me waste a lot of money on trip. Before I go, I wonder if there was any good poi's I could put on my favorites. I already downloaded all the poi files in the Minneapolis City Project. Just wondering if there is anything else that might be interesting for me to see.

By the way, I'll be traveling out of Harrisburg,Pennsylvania. Going to rush to Minneapolis in one day. (Don't worry, I rushed from Harrisburg -> Orlando in one day, about the same distance.

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Go to downtown Mpls.

Go to downtown Minneapolis and walk down Nicollet Ave. No cars are allowed on that road. There are tons of things to do in Minneapolis. The night life is great and you can almost always catch live music at local bars & Pubs. You might want to check out Minnehaha Falls. Fun place to walk around. The Walker Art Center is pertty cool too. Sorry, I don't have any specific POI's for those places, but they are easy to find if you look them up.

Google Minneapolis attractions or something along those lines and you'll get plenty to keep you busy!

Just found

Old Downtown...

On the north side of the river...

And for eats:

Manny's Steakhouse

1300 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 339-9900

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Breakfast in Mpls

If you're going to be on the north side of the river...or anywhere in Mpls. and want an experiance, go have breakfast at Al's Breakfast. It gives a new definition to a small breakfast joint. The food's not healthy, but it sure is good!

Al's Breakfast
413 14th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 331-9991