North America NT 2009


Has anyone purchased the NT 2009 update yet? If so can you tell that much difference between it and the NT 2008? What's the difference in the maps?

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2009 Maps

You can check out the maps yourself at garmin.

Use the link below and then click on the "
City Navigator
North America NT" link on the right side of the page.

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I have an extra City

I have an extra City Navigator North America Map Update 2009 NT, with Product key, $45 and free shipping, If anyone is interested.

It was worth it for me!

I think this update was worth it rather than the last two. They finally listed streets in a couple locations that have been in existence for 5 years. It also updated me from trying to have me drive off a 10 foot cliff everyday on my way home.

If there were anyplaces that you knew were wrong, compare your current maps to the new ones.