I've downloaded POI'S for Harley Davidson and Tim Horton's onto my Roadmate. How do I add the alerts and icons?

mp3 and icons

It seems like I seen posts about magellan not accepting icons.See post http://www.poi-factory.com/node/6666 it doesn't appear that custom mp3 alerts file can be added either.

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Adding POI Icons

Thank you Charlie.


You can add alerts and icons, but not the customized types. You need to open the POI Editor and add your POI's to a category. Then, double click the category and it will allow you to set a new icon from a list, and change your alert parameter for 1st and last warnings.

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creating a POI file

Is there a tutorial on how to create POI files on this website? I have a few ideas of some custom POIs I'd like to have on my 4250. Do I need a special program? What is the easiest way to get the coordinates?