GPS case deal.


I saw this on another site:
PCMicrostore has Kroo GPS nylon and airform carrying cases for Garmin, Magellan, Tomtom and Mio units for $11.48 with free ground shipping.

$22.95 - coupon code Techbargain50%KrooGPS [Exp 5/23] = $11.48 shipped

(Caveat: I've never done business with PCMicrostore, so I can't give you a personal recommendation.)

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Store rating for PCMicrostore past six month ratings show you have a 50/50 chance of having a good experience with this company.

Garmin Nuvi 780

I have,,,

done numerous purchases from PC Microstore and had no problems. I only buy computer cables from them. Shipping is good as are the prices. They always have promo codes. For example, there's 10% off using PCMICRO10%OFF for some cables. Can come in handy for USB cable for the units if they have them available.


My 750 case

I got something at WalMart - less than $10...made for a Nintendo...but the 750 fits in swell, and there's room for a USB cable, and audio cable to plug into the car audio sustem's aux input.

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