Waterproof Hand Held GPS'


I'm looking for a waterproof hand held GPS for my son to Kayak with. Any recommendations with good prices? I'd like it to be able to track it's route and be able to upload the info to a computer. Additionally, if it could also provide GPS position to a laptop, that would be great also.

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I don't trust them

I had a waterproof Magellan color years ago that went everywhere with me. It finally got wet by a good splash from another boats wake and died. When I opened the unit up for a post mortem, the waterproofing was accomplished by the use of a bead of silicone (appeared to be what you by at the auto parts store) that was long since hardened and not sealing and my warrantee was long since gone(prior to opening the unit). Remind me to tell you why I do not own anything Magellan later.

Here is my method for taking electronics outside for hiking and camping in the rain.

Put the in inside a couple of double zippered ZIPLOC Brand bags. Turn the zipper on the inside bag away from the zipper on the outer bag. Do not squeeze out the last of the air inside the bags as the air inside provides a little bit of outward pressure against the zipper (you can get most out). Be sure and test this in the kitchen sink for water tightness before you leave. The bags will not interfere with signals and as long as the unit is not touch screen, you can access the buttons through the plastic.

On the other hand, due to the constant water contact you will probably get with kayaking, check with a local dive store and see what they recommend. They may have bags or some such thing made special for this use, or a Waterproof GPS recommendation.

Waterproof Hand Held GPS'

I was looking through my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx manual a little while ago and noticed that it is rated for submersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes. Certainly enough if it is tethered to you and you accidentally drop it overboard. I don't leave home without tethering my valuables to me ( GPS, camera, flashlight, etc). Incidentally, I am very happy with my 60CSx which I have had for a little over a year for both hiking and automobile use. Price is $400+ but well worth the $$.


Waterproof Hand Held GPS'

Thanks! I'll probably swing by the REI Store in Seattle next week and see what they recommend. Maybe an Otter Box or Pelican case would be the safest bet to protect something like a Garmin 60CSX.

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I have a GPS 76 CX...

which has similar water resistance. I keep it in a waterproof bag while kayaking, and have had no problems with it for 2 years. I figure any GPS water resistance will fail sooner or later, be it silicone hardening, or seals otherwise drying out. The Aquapac was ~$40. at REI, and works great; non-yellowing clear plastic.

No problem with uploading or downloading tracks and routes. Lots of memory,plus a card you can add. I have a 2 GB one in, which can load topos covering about half the U.S. or Canada with just 1 GB; lot more than I need, given my travels are mostly within a single state.

I've taken it out hiking in drizzly conditions, with its non-waterproof case 'binered to my belt, and had no problem. In slightly rainier conditions, I just drop it inside the deep pockets of my raincoat.

Just make sure you get a model that floats! No good having a waterproof GPS if it's at the bottom of the ocean.


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cheapest solution

I have a Yellow Etrex that we use for salt water fishing and my solution is to place it inside of a Reynold bag and vacuum seal the bag, it still allows full access to the butons and if air can't get in for sure water can't either.

The bags can also be used in the kitchen to keep food fresh.

The vacuum pump can be bought at Wal-Mart or any grocery store near you for around $9 and a box of bags for less than $3

Check out the system at this site:

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Waterproof GPS

I have a 76CSx and it's waterproof, esy to read, and can be used on the waterways AND in your car.


I had success with my two

I had success with my two 60cs and one 60csx units in a variety of wet situations: sailboats, off-road motorcycles, ski-boats, & cross-county skiing. No problems.

Now my Zumo 550 works in all weather conditions on my street motorcycle.

To meet your remote tracking, following, and computer interface needs, you might look into the SPOT satellite personal tracker. It adds reporting and requesting-help features.


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Waterproof GPS

Have you thought of the Garmin Quest 2? It's waterproof, works great in the car and has a 20 hours battery life.

Etrex Fits that bill too..

I have the Garmin Etrex Legend It will track and Route and is Fully USB to the laptop...I like the Zip lock bag idea..but they are pretty water resistant..

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so whats is the best waterproof gps to buy?

Waterproof GPS

mix2 wrote:

so whats is the best waterproof gps to buy?

The one that has the features you want and can afford. Don't mean to be smart, but you're the one that has to use it.

I've always liked Garmin

I've always liked Garmin products so I'd have to recommend the eTrex. I'm thinking about getting Garmin's golf GPS which is based on the eTrex.

Another Option

I came across this the other day and thought it might do more since you can get a higher nuvi model that tracks routes and also use it for car nav. You would have to mostlikely buy the topo maps with the nuvi or parks depending on where you are kayaking.
Just check sizing.

Water proof case: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/13961