Sanborn Tele Atlas?


Who or what is "Sanborn Tele Atlas"? A recent link sent to me took me to a Google Map of the location and the copyright on the map page is "Map Data @2008 Sanborn Tele Atlas". I thought Google used NavTeq?
Here's the link:

Sanborn Tele Atlas?

According to a google search:
Sanborn offers end-to-end spatial solutions to GIS and photogrammetric mapping customers. The company's combined product and service offerings include consulting, off-the-shelf products, analog, digital and lidar data acquisition, photogrammetric mapping, geospatial solutions, remote sensing solutions, and data conversion.
I guess that google will use the best maps available to create theirs.


johnc wrote:

"Map Data @2008 Sanborn Tele Atlas". I thought Google used NavTeq?

If you view maps of anywhere in Europe, you're normally shown a Tele Atlas map. I think they must have multiple map-sets for each location.

I've seen Tele Atlas maps of locations in the US before, (and Navteq maps of European locations). I understand you can select the map-set you want, when using the API (though I've not figured out how...)

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