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Last updated 03/28/2011

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This project was started by athedrummaster and transfered to Skunkape on 07-08-09
I am trying to make a cigar shop database. I looked on other web sites and no one seems to be interested in cigars so i thought that i would try this site out smile

Just updated 5-21-08 at 1:10 AM new orleans LA shops and Nat Sherman International in NY,NY

Updated 5-21-08 at 12:13 PM just added some locations around Miami Florida.
Now has about 42 shops

Updated 5-22-08 at 12:20 pm just added Seattle, WA locations and one in Branson, MO and one in Eureka Springs, AR.

Updated 5-22-08 at 4:17 pm just added shops around Los Angeles, Dallas, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. Lots of New Locations!!! Comment with locations that you know of in the thread!
~Edit~ i just put in 2 shops in New Jersey
5-26-08 just put 2 more shops in New Jersey
Skunkape caught this file up on 08-30-08 using the postings in the discussion thread. He also added the locations from his Orange County CA file.
Skunkape added the location that niko99 and Hazmatman posted on 09-21-08
Skunkape added the location that whodat1 posted on 10-17-08
Skunkape added locations posted by Nomad and Parb on 01-07-09
Skunkape added locations posted by Chubno's and philr_up 7th and 14th

July 9,2009 - numerous "cleanups" of formating in many entries, along with several shops submited to the cigar discussion thread by aspiron and dartfrog

7/15/2009 - added onestep's suggestion in, Plymouth, MI‎, plus 3 new stores from my local area, Orange County California, in addition to cleaning up the formatting on several entries

7/15/2009 - messed up and uploaded an old version

7/28/2009 - added some suggestions from aranere, cleaned up some formatting - PS... i AM working on Mguice's submissions as well as going through the Cigar trade assn member list - be patient - it will come

11/28 - added Wingenroth Pipe Shop, Lebanon, PA - a sugestion form joshuanclark

6/3/10 - added 5 shops suggested atthedrummaster....did a little bit of cleanup of the file

11/15/10 - added several stores from the project discussion thread

1-17-11 - added several stores from around the Arlington , Texas are suggested by a user on the forums



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  • skunkape - Mar 28, 2011
    added 3 sghops in New Mexico suggested by tomh62

  • skunkape - Jun 26, 2009
    updated file