Weird Symbols on "Recently Found" after update


I have a nuvi 260 and recently updated the maps. I have also added Mandarin to my voices.

After getting the new maps, my recently found addresses came up very odd. They had partial names for some and many had what appeared to be Chinese characters after the name. Some did not appear to have addresses, yet when I pressed these names, they directed me to the correct places.

Has anyone had anything this strange happen to their GPS after the new update? I assume that as I go to new places, the weird things will be replaced by correct names and addresses (without Chinese symbols), but I was wondering whether I was the only one with a ghost in the machine.


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I'm seeing these

odd characters in some of the POI files I've added. I think the use of an apostrophe is causing a problem.

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I just had some too

I was just scrolling through my "Recently Found" address and a number of the locations had an apparently Chinese character at the end. I have only updated my unit on my Windoze Vista box running current AV software and definitions so I'm pretty sure I'm clean there. Interesting comment that it may be an apostrophe in the POI file that may be causing them...

I just cleared the "Recents" folder, but will keep an eye out for repeats of this behavior.

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lets see it

Can one of you capture the screen and post it for us to see?

If this problem is going to be reported to Garmin they may want to see a screen shot.

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Next Time

flaco wrote:

Can one of you capture the screen and post it for us to see?

If this problem is going to be reported to Garmin they may want to see a screen shot.

I probably should have grabbed a screen shot but didn't. If it reappears again I will.

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The locations are supposed to read:
Highway 8
2001 Consulate Ave
8001 International Drive


This may be a result of people using a different language for their keyboard and/or Excel. It looks like an Asian entry, and a Spanish entry.

While a slim possibility, your GPS may be able to get infected with a virus to boot. Be careful what, and where you DL from.

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The characters displaying on

The characters displaying on mine came from the Garmin update, not a third-party site. Also, no additional language packs were added to the GPS.

You may try a re-set.Hold

You may try a re-set.Hold finger on bottom right corner of gps screen while powering up.Keep finger pressed until pop up screen shows.Touch yes to clear all user data.All orginial settings are restored.

This info came from charlesd45 and cleared a problem with my 265t that sounds about the same.

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Definately reset

Sounds like the update reset your language preference.
Doing the reset suggested by jonzim should clear it right up.


Appears to be another Garmin bug after a firmware update...Seems it will never end...I think programmers have a lifetime job at Garmin...

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This will happen every time

This will happen every time you update your maps. All of my 760's and 750 does this every time I install new map updates. All you have to do is delete or clear your recent founds and it will go away.I don't know why but it just happens.

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