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Last updated 07/19/2008

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  • United States: PA

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This is a list of venues for USA Boxing amateur boxing events throughout western Pennsylvania. Officially, our region is called the Allegheny Mountain Association (AMA). It is not a definitive list, as events can be held almost anywhere. Still, this is a list of most of the venues used since 2007. I will likely update it over time to account for new venues, and it may not be limited solely to the AMA region, should I happen to travel to other events.

I am a USA Boxing official, and therefore I created this file primarily for my own use. I doubt too many other people will find it useful, but there's no real reason not to upload it on the off chance that someone else might find some value in it.

That said, I am well aware that boxing (both professional and amateur) is not well advertised, so if you have any interest in boxing in western PA, feel free to drop me an email (john@santore.com) even if it is not officially related to this POI.

(updated 5/11/08)

Added Churchill Valley Country Club (7/19/08)