My Garmin C340 is POI full? HUH?


I just bought the Garmin C340. Downloaded all of the updated data from the Garmin website to my C340. (Yes, all of it....even all the different voice language updates. Maybe this was a boo boo) Then I went and started using the POI loader and started uploading POI's.

I got through about five of them, using some I found at another website...

then I went to add a Starbucks list...

and now I'm getting a message that my POI's are full???

I'm only at around 5,000?

What's the deal? I thought I read in other posts here that it holds close to 60,000 POI's?

Can anyone help me out? What's going on? Did I do something wrong? Do I need to completely reset my Garmin and start over? If so, how would I do that? Is there a way to erase uploaded data?

Thanks in advance