2009 Map updates


Is there a way to tell if the new 2009 maps include road information for my area? I would like to see if there is a new road in my area (finished 2 years ago) or would I waste my money only to find out it is not there...... Thank you grin


Owen, though this has been discussed in several threads, here is the info:

You can view the new maps when they are released by Garmin. In other words, once the company releases the update, they will put it on the website to be reviewed.

Here is the link to the map page. From there, select the map you wish to review.


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Try this

Here's the link from the tacked 2009 updates thread.

Scroll down and see the list of cities/states that was updated. It's not guaranteed to help you answer the streets added but it's a good idea of the areas updated.