Anybody workin on a George Webb POI


Is anyone working on a George Webb POI file?

Go to the alpha list of poi

Go to the alpha list of poi and do a search, that will tell you if one is made or not.

What is it anyway????????????

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It looks like there are only 40 locations, so it should take too long for you to make the file.


Most of the GWs are already in Garmin's default POI, just do a search for GW.

George Webbs are local, unless you live in Wisconsin, no one knows about them. Or until the Brewers wins 12 games in a row again.

Done and submitted

allbizz wrote:

Is anyone working on a George Webb POI file?

I have created the file of the 40 locations from the website. I have uploaded the GPX file and send Miss POI the CSV file. They should show in the POI list up soon.

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Awesome...thanks a bunch. Can't wait for the CSV file.


I have not heard that name in a long time.. I use to live in Milw, Wisc.. Now in NYC.

I use to live eating at those places.. Wow.. the 2 clocks, the napkins, the burgers, chili and even the great breakfats..

What a great place that was.. is it still the same?!??

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It's exactly the same as you described it. It still does the free hamburger after the Milwaukee Brewers his 6 homeruns in a game..nothing has changed but the time....

file is now avaliable

Here is the file guys;)

Thank you Perrdom for putting this together.

Miss POI

Can't remember when I was at one last

We used to go to Webb's frequently. The last few years, I can't remember the last time I was there. My dentist's office is right next door to one. Thanks for putting that one together!

I'm hungry...

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George Webb Almost Out of Business

I wasn't even aware of it until I read this article.

George Webbs

With the exception of the prices, it's still the same.

It's still the place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or after bar close munchies.