finding a point on earth


I'm new at using a gps,but trying to learn.I would like to create my own poi file on places we travel. I looked up a point in New Mexico using two different sources,"google earth" and "infosports" and found that I come up with two different readings. Example: Rainbow Lake Lodge using infosport -105.66950,33.31084 and using Google Earth -105.40102,33.18390. Maybe I'm going at this all wrong?

Decimal Degrees vs Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

It looks like the coordinates may be shown in different formats. From the examples you're giving, it looks like infosport is showing them in decimal degrees and Google Earth is showing them in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds.

To change Google Earth so that it displays Decimal Degrees instead of DMS, you can adjust this options setting:

Tools > Options > View (tab) > Lat/Lon > Decimal Degrees > OK

After you make this change, Google Earth will show coordinates in Decimal Degrees format, and the coordinates can be entered directly into POI files without conversion.

Another option is to use a tool like this one to convert between formats:

You need to use decimal degrees when creating POI files.


finding a point on earth

Thanks for your help that solved my problem.