SD card trouble


i have loaded pois on my 2gb sd card i have a garmin c33o but when i place the sd card into the unit it nothing happens and i cant get my pois am i doing something wrong or is is not possible to use a sd card with pois on it help please thanks mike

POI Loader?

Did you use POI Loader to load the poi's?

You are not able to load

You are not able to load POIs on a SD card and use it with the c330. The SD slot for the 330 is only for maps that you buy on SD cards.

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Yeah, you need to load them directly to the unit with that model.

thank you guys for you help

thank you guys for you help so maybe some one can help with this one also so

so if i buy the 2009 map updates do they send me a sd card of can i use the one have. also how do i customeize my voices
thanks again for your guys help


If you purchase the map update, it will come on DVD. You will run the installation program on your computer and the program will overwrite the pre-installed maps on the unit.

Note the the c330 doesn't have enough space to load the entire update. You will have to select between Canada and the US. You can load the rest of the maps on an SD card if you wish by re-running the update.

You can't customize the voices. If you run WebUpdater on your computer with the unit attached with the USB cable, it will show you any voices available for the unit.