Canada's Automatic License Plate Recognition Program


WOW! I was sent this today from a friend of mine in Canada who's working on part of the development. Not sure if you guys have seen this before but this is some really hot stuff.

We need to hire the Canadians that came up with this technology and move them to the US!!!

I've uploaded the video to my web site and you can access it at:

You will be very surprised what you see here. It's not strictly related to POI's or GPS, but is a new technology that you guys might be interested in. Have fun!

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Not only in Canada

We've got it also. There are a few companies working on this. This is a really impressive video, including a combined speed of 160mph that the plates are getting recognized!

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Totally Cool!

Wow thats neat. So the people in the States actually have this. Thanks for sharing the video!


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that is something else. take

that is something else. take a look

Airport Parking Lots

Your major citys use something like this at airport parking lots. Loose your ticket and they can tell you how long you have been there! They run through the lots daily with a similar system. Chicago goes even further and tickets you if you don't have a City sticker for your car or if the plates are expired. Big Brother IS watching.


NYPD is using this.

freeway cams

Do the freeway cameras do this too? I bet they do & much more. I notice that in there are now at least two different kinds of sensors on the freeways in San Diego. Some are white and look like the sensors that open the door when you walk into the grocery store, some are black and flat.. They often have solar panels associated with them. Does anybody know what those sensors are used for?

That's pretty cool. Isn't

That's pretty cool. Isn't technology great.