Garmin SP 7200 $499.99


Don't know if this is a good buy or not but is offering the 7200 for $499.00 after a $200 discount.

gerrydrake yes it is but

gerrydrake yes it is the 7200 came out at over 1100.00 so 500.00 is very good. BUT I am an OTR driver I drive Buses and Limos all over the south west. There are a few things about the 7200 you and every one should know. Garmin is about to stop making the 7200 and 7500 and this is why. The 7200 and 7500 where made for the OTR but was made with out a battery back up. So if you lost power to your plug for what ever reason you are SOL. And OTR drivers were having a lot of prob's down loading set routs to the unit. So as a OTR driver it is not a good unit. I use a Streetpilot c550 a 600.00 unit and can be found on the net in the 300.00 range. Or the Nuvi 700's or 800's or the 5000. Sorry to be long winded but you did ask.
jolleyr c550

Southern CA Temp 76 and Sunny. Running around with my Nuvi 465T. Getting lost around the country and loving it.