Contributors of the week 2008-03-24


This week we are recognizing Motorcycle Mama, Ralphy1 and Robphelan.

MM, I always get choked up when I am recognizing you. You do so much for everyone here. There are no words to express my appreciation for all the help and support that you provide to this community. You are truly one in a million!!!!

Ralphy1, I love the new files you have submitted to the site;) Fairs and Festivals are so much fun and now it is great to have a collection of them divided by month.

Robphelan, You have been taking care of the San Antonio TX files and now it looks like I need to make a Metro area to feature them.

Spring is here, the sky is blue and Miss POI is excited about all the activity on the site.

Thanks to everyone that makes this job such an interesting and fulfilling experience. I love coming to work each day to interact with all of you in the effort to make this the best place to find POI information on the web.


Miss POI

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Congrats to all!!!!!

Congrats to all!!!!!


Congratulations To All

MM, I like your new icon and reading the dialog you have with Bent Biker. Great stuff !

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Congratulations To all

My congratulation to all as well I know how help full each have been Ralphy1 good job on the western Fairs and festivities.

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Great Job, Congratulations!

Congratulations to ALL !

Everyone that contributes to this site makes it what it is !
The Friendliest and most informative site around !

I'd be remiss in not giving special notice to MM who is an inspiration to us all ! You have the Patience of Job - so helpful to all of us !

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Thanks for keeping this site great with all of your contributions. Congrats!

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Congrats And Thank You

Some of your work I probably will never need, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the hard work that went into it. Well done and thanks!


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Mama Of the Month MOM

Congrat to all of you, you are very well deserved the award from poi-factory. About Motorcycle Mama, I really like the way she handled all the questions, I think she is the best and I suggest that Miss Poi have a new kind of award namely MOM (Mama Of the Month) given out just for MM.

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I always enjoy seeing who is being recognized. I am especially happy to see Motorcycle Mama being recognized as she helped me immensely when I first joined and made my first attempt at creating a POI file to post.

Thanks to all for your contributions.

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Another hat trick!

Congrats to ALL! Keep up the good work! wink


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Thanks! I missed this earlier when I was online because I didn't have much time so I skimmed the posts

Thanks to everyone for your very kind words.

And thanks to Miss POI for you recognition of me. I am always truly humbled to be selected, and I'm am just glad that I am able to contribute.

Congrats to Ralphy1 and Robphelan!! It's always GREAT to see members tirelessly working to create new files for us to use. Without you, we wouldn't exist.

And thanks to everyone who makes this a great site to come to!!



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Great work

..err, well deserved! since it really isn't work now is it?

Way to go!

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Cngrats to all!

Cngrats to all!

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Kudos to the three of ya!

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Congratulations to each of

Congratulations to each of you on your good work.

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Thanks Miss POI and the rest for your kind words, It is a special honor being chosen along with MM. I'm heading up to North Idaho for a few weeks, and I only have internet access at the library, I'll be checking in then (anxious to try out my new POIs). Thank-You again.

Way to go!

Congrats to the three of you, and thanks for your always fine support and additions to this very fine site!


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way to go

I agree with the selections



Congrads To Motorcycle Mama, Ralphy1 and Robphelan.
Very Nice Work

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Congrats to the three of you. Yet again, another worthy selection.

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Good work

grin I know how ya'll feel, just having one, it is a good feeling to be reconized,
GOOD WORK and congrats to all of you.

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I agree that MM deserves this-- she is always there and helping everyone. And no matter how many times the "Same" question has been asked-- she is knows the answer, she is always polite and gives good information. You should increase her salary and give her a gold star! LOL

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Way to Go!

Congratulations to our three COW's this week!

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Great work guys,

Great work guys, congratulations!

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