Florida State Park Campgrounds

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Last updated 03/24/2008

Raw file: Florida_Cnty-St-Fed-COE_Campgnds.csv (6.74 KB)


Includes 67 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: FL
  • some may be in: GA (near a border)

This update adds additional campground sites for the "Florida_Cnty-St-Fed-COE_Campgnds.csv" POI file.

It now consists of all County, State, National Forest, and C.O.E. campgrounds in the State of Florida (at least all I could identify, so if you find some I missed let me know and I will add them.). Only those sites that can handle at least Pop-ups and travel trailers and RVs are contained in this file.

The Lat & Long location is at the check-in building, or at least at the entrance of the campground if I could not identify the check-in building. Also the telephone and address of the campground is included.

I did not include any private (commercial) campgrounds.