Ford Factory System


I am thinking about getting a Ford Explorer with in-dash system. Does anyone know make or model? I believe they use NAVTEQ. I have Garmin Nuvi 660 and look the custom POI option. I would hate to have a system that does not allow me to add points of interest.

Factory Navs

This is a comment on factory Nav's in general, and a personal opinion from having owned a Volvo S60 T5 with NAV and two Garmins (250 & 350)

- can add POI's like Favorites on a NUVI
- integrated into vehicle with items like steering wheel controls and speech through audio system
- Some companies allow for first DVD upgrade at discounted rate
- usually allow for major route planning with multiple waypoints allowed in any order. Rather then a Via point on lower end Nuvi's
- Most speak street names
- Have all dealers listed on system.

- cannot load files from internet or POI files into system
- DVD's are costly ($250 US+) and are prone to failure. If you are in a colder climate like me (Canada) the DVD developed an oxidized layer which I attribute to condensation & heat throughout the seasons
- Map upgrades happen about ever 2-3 years on a factory system
- some systems like Chrysler and Nissan require the vehicle to be stopped to change destinations.
- don't always have a lot of info on remote places (less then Nuvi)

As stated this is my personal opinion as I did not purchase NAVI in my 2007 Nissan and opted for a Nuvi. My wife sold her Volvo and we purchased another NUVI for her.

Rumour has it the new Nissan GTR's nav system recognizes race tracks and turns off the speed limiters automatically. Lets see the Nuvi do that !!