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Hi All
Is there any way I can get the USB driver for my Magellan 3225 as I would like to use it with MS St & Trps. It does not detect my GPS as it only sees a Serial port and all GPS these days are USB.


My guess is that you are going to run into two unsolvable problems.

1. S&T only sees GPS units on the serial port. I don't think there's any Microsoft support for USB.

2. My guess is that your Magellan does not present itself to the computer as a GPS unit but rather as a USB Mass Storage Device. And since S&T is looking for a GPS unit, it will never see the unit.

Try this. There is a serial

Try this. There is a serial emulator available. The link for the emulator is down a few posts. Hope it works.

Motorcycle Mama is correct however in saying that the Magellan won't be recognized. You need a gps that hooks up to a laptop.

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