Do i need to have mapsource in order to embed a poi w/ an mp3? or could i do it manually. I am using GmapToGPX, is there a way that after i convert an address to gpx that i can insert a the mp3?

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I have experimented using an mp3 as a proximity alert when in the vicinity of a custom poi. I've not used mapsource or GmapToGPX. I have used the Garmin POI Loader, loading .csv files. I just rename the mp3 to the same name as the csv file I'm loading. For example if I'm loading the file "test" then my file names would be - test.csv , the mp3 must be renamed test.mp3 and if I were also loading a bmp to go along with that particular poi, it would have to be renamed test.bmp All of these need to be in the same "folder" that you direct the poi loader to.
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Also check out the FAQ & Help section for info on the Garmin POI loader.

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