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I noticed when using my TomTom 720 that there are some icons on the map that show the brand name of the company rather then just the generic symbol. McD's and Shell gas station symbols appear on the map. Is there a way to upload your own custom symbols onto the maps? So if I pass a Tim Hortons, the actal tim hortons symbol will apprear on the map and not just the generic restuant icon...I've tried this a few times already with putting a 24x24.bmp icon into the "brand" folder where i saw the other icons, but it only appears as a red square in the TomTom and does not show the actaly icon at all.

You could Try this

Instead of loading the icon's into the 'brand' folder load them into the 'USA_and_CANADA' map folder or the 'NORTH AMERICA' map folder depending on which map you have. Remember to name the .bmp exactly as the file you want it to represent.

If that doesn't work then you might have to create your own POI (use the data from the original file) and name it similarly to the original file, i.e., orig. = Tim Hortons, new = Tim Horton's. Remember, name the icon exactly the same as the file you just created - I did that with the Dunkin Donuts file from TomTom and it works just fine. I now have 2 DD files to select from in the POI menu in my One, my new DD file and the original TomTom DD file.

Try here for more info as well:


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TomTom 720 POI Map icon

I had the same problem on my Tom Tom One 3rd and had to change the icon to 22x22 AND to 8-bit rather than 16-bit using my Photoshop editor.
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