I downloaded poiedit to my PC. Now when I download csv files from this site instead of being in excel they are in the poiedit format as are all other POIs on my computer. Now the problem. The excel files have 4 columns--Lat, Lon, Name, and address. However the poiedit files only have 3 columns--lat,lon,and address. The name is missing. What am I missing or is that just the way it is. I have not loaded any to my NUVI 760 yet.


Ok, it important to understand that the files are CSV (comma separated values) files. They are not Excel files and they are not POI Edit files.

What likely happened was when you installed POI Edit, you selected an option that made your computer associate CSV files (and maybe others) with POI Edit.

A couple of things. You can still open them in Excel or Notepad by either opening those programs first and opening the file(s) inside the program. Or by right clicking on the file and select Open with ... and selecting the program you desire.

You can change the file associations on your computer by opening up your file browser and going to Tools > Folder Options > File Types then scroll down to CSV and select Change ... and select Excel or whatever program you want.

That works. Thanks--as

That works. Thanks--as always your answers are good and easily followed. Next, now that files open in excel how do I get them to open in poiedit without going through same procedure. Also, what is your opinion on how best to do this? It seems that poiedit is better for editing files.

It appears that opening

It appears that opening files with poiedit retains all of the data when loaded on the gps. A column is still missing on the PC but probably not important since it is on the gps. Thanks again. I am sure we will talk again