New Auto Zone csv File


Is it just me, or is the latest Auto Zone file, (AutoZone Auto Parts IL, IN, MI, OH, and WI Locations, not in csv format? It says csv in the download screen, but when I open it in my editor, it is garbage. Could it be gpx?

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It is working for me. Try

It is working for me. Try download it again.

it looks like the author of

it looks like the author of the file fixed it.

Miss POI

Garmin POI format

Fri, 02/08/2008 - 12:33pm
If it is supposed to be in Garmin's Custom csv POI format, the longitude and latitude are still swapped and it still has several duplicates.


Added 02/09/2008
Miss POI, I swapped the longitude and latitude, and deleted 27 duplicates. I emailed the correct AutoZone_S_D_V.csv file to you.


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Thanks RT, I have it uploaded now. This is a perfect example of why this FAQ came about I have send the file author a note regarding column order.

Miss POI