New here


Welcome to myself smile .

I'm a long time GPS receiver user, starting out from the Garmin eTrex (yellow) and the rest is history.

However, I'm quite new to Custom POI, because I haven't really had a great need for it. Friend recommends this site, and I found something quite interesting.

I just want to find out how to make more different software / units to take custom POIs. curreently I use iGuidance 4 and dont' think I can upload a list.

What about Streets and Trips 2007?

My Nextar software is rather spartan also, so it doesn't.

Thanks for the site. Will learn to make some use of it, and I'll try to help on the general GPS side of things (long time member at GPSpassion myself).


The trick is to make folders, on your computer, to keep your POIs in. Make lots of folders and place your POIs in the applicable folder (i.e. North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.) Then place any related files in the folder.
I'm new at this also.

New here

Well first of all, I would like to be the first to welcome you to the site. Then I would recommend you read the 'getting started' and 'FAQ' sections. There is a ton of information in these section and it will help when other members reply to your questions. grin

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