Transferring maps to GPS


Can anyone recommend a good program for transferring downloaded maps to my Garmin gps?


Where did the maps come from?

MapSource is usually the answer. But if they are third party created maps, you can use sendMap20.

Scroll down about two thirds down the page for the free version.


I never knew of this place. I'm gonna play with it for a while. Thank you MM.

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Thank you, I can find the

Thank you, I can find the map in Mapsource but can't seem to transfer it to my gps. The map (Japan) is located in the box at the left top of the page and also is showing in the map field but doesn't show in the Maps 'name' box. When I hit transfer and then send to device it just keeps tellng me to select a map.


With the map showing in the box, you need to navigate to the map, and select the map tiles/segments you want to load using the map select tool. The selected map segments will be highlighted pink and then will show up in the Maps Tab.

Thank you. Actually, I had

Thank you. Actually, I had done that before and fogot..thanks for reminding me.