Camera file Cleanup


I have been working the last couple of weeks on cleaning out some of the locations that no longer need to be in the file. Some were proposed locations that were never installed, a few were misreported traffic monitoring cameras that slipped in. I had a few cities that shut down their systems.

I appreciate all the help that I have been getting from you guys who have volunteered your time to go check out the locations that I was suspicious of.

This week I removed 59 locations from the file. I made sure to put all the states effected by the update in the Recent updates to the red light camera file page.

I am no longer putting future locations in the file, It made to much work to try to keep track of, I don't mind getting a heads up when you hear about a potential camera location, however it will not be included in the file until it has been installed and is active.


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THANK YOU! Those "planned"


Those "planned" locations were killing me. smile