I39-90-94 Interstate Exits

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Last updated 02/06/2008

Raw file: I39-90-94 Interstate Exits.csv (10.73 KB)

Includes 72 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IL, WI

Here is the I39-90-94 Interstate Exit.csv file. This file should be downloaded with the "I39 Interstates Exits.csv" and the "RestAreasCombined.csv" and the "Weigh-Stations.csv" files. When all of these are downloaded and loaded into your GPS, it should give you a completed route of Interstate 39 at this point, with rest stops and weigh stations.
The I39-90-94 Interstate Exits.csv file is built following the format of I39 Interstate Exits.csv, which lists the point of exit from the I-39-90-94 Interstate (NB, SB, EB or WB when available) and lists some of the facilities available near the exit. I have tried to do the lat long on the side of the interstate, but in the exit ramp to keep from having false alerts when going the opposite direction. This may need some fine tuning as I have not checked it out yet.

This file does not contain rest areas nor weigh stations as they are found n RestAreasCombined.csv and Weigh-Stations.csv files (respectively) which are on the POI Factory website.

Some abreviations in the file are: NB = Northbound, SB = Southbound, EB = Eastbound, WB = Westbound, RR = Rest rooms, McDs = MacDonalds, T-Bell = Taco Bell, BK= Burger King.

The file uses google latitude and longitude.


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