How to install *.img map to Nuvi 660 using Mapsource?


Hello to All,

I would appreciate some help with installing a map with the extension (*.img) into my Nuvi 660. I have Mapsource software, but couldn't figure out how to use it to install the map on the GPS!!

Thanks for the help!


Assuming this is a 3rd party map, it probably needs packaging up into a slightly different .img format for the Nüvi to use. There is a program called Sendmap20 that can do this. The object of the exercise is to end up with a GMAPSUPP.IMG, on either an SD card or the Nüvi's internal storage.

See this thread:

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This program may help you load it into Mapsource.

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Final step ----

Thank you!! It helped me alot!! I did send the map to my GPS. To do that, I used GPSmapper, Mapsettoolkit and Mapsource. It was a quick and easy process. But when I wanted to view the map on my GPS, I couldn't!! I do see that the map is loaded in the device (Wernch--->Map--->Mapinfo) as it is listed. Though, I couldn't view it. How can I view/browse the loaded map?


Is the map checked?

Also, if it overlaps your preloaded maps, you probably will need to turn those off.