US Virgin Islands POIs


I'll be heading to Saint Thomas later this year and was wondering if anyone has attractions for the US Virgin Islands. I see the islands are included in the NA NT map so there are some built in POIs.

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What I would do... start with, just Google ST. Thomas. That gets you a lot of info. If you have MapSource, you can explore what in is the POI base for the NT 2008 map.

Start with these and see where you get to.

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Been There, Done That

I lived in the USVI's (St. Thomas) for the past 6 years. Just moved away last April. I put off buying a GPS thinking there were no detailed maps. Now its obvious it covered quite well. I gave myself a Xmas present, a Nuvi 660 and took a look at the USVI built in POI stuff. Wow! I'm impressed. It has more POI's than I ever dreamed of. Over half I never knew existed, Now I want to go back, but find myself stuck in Panama with out any detailed maps of here.

Although you can never have too many POI, the ones included in the new Garmin Map will probably be more than you could possible ever want or need.

Have fun in St. Thomas

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Virgin Islands

I chartered a Bareboat in the VI a couple of times.

Be sure to get over to the British Islands.... they are beautiful too.