Incorrect turn on NE 148th Ave, Bellevue WA



I have Garmin nuvi which shows left turn at NE 148th Ave Bellevue, WA which physically doesn't exists...

Has someone [using other GPS brands] observed such error in this area?

Thanks in advance for the response.
Acc Mera

Report it to Naveteq

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A left turn from what street? Traveling in what direction?

Also to garmin

nüvi 750 & 760

thanks guys for these links,

thanks guys for these links, reported at both..

What is the intersecting street....

Sounds to me like you are right in the vicinity of the Microsoft campus. I made a left turn at 148th NE Bellevue (Redmond). So where exactly are you saying there isn't a left turn. Is it a left turn off of 148th to a street that doesn't exist?

nüvi 680, nüvi 770, Garmin Mobile XT, etc...

on 148 NE while heading N,

on 148 NE while heading N, the left turn for 36th st is missing from the road wink