I booted the nuvi


I booted the nuvi up in maintenance mode and noticed
"RTL trap" Does anyone know what it is?

Acronym Finder

A great site for figuring out what acronyms mean:
My guess for RTL is Run Time Library.
Then again, they might be referring to Ride the Lightning from Metallica. grin Never can tell with programmers....

No Clue

Wasn't able to find anything about this other then someone said it was were error logs were stored. Some people say they saw an RTL error message when they unplugged the nuvi from the cig lighter. With that being said I really don't know.

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An RTL Trap is a Real Time

An RTL Trap is a Real Time Library Trap. Basically it's a flagging by the Nuvi software to indicate a problem. Note all the status and general purpose registers are captured for engineers to debug the problem. In this case I see the RTL Tag everytime my Nuvi reboots without the power button pushed, which implies the Nuvi software/hardware flaged an error and crashed.

So for the user it is just a list of Nuvi software crashes.

I do know if you remove your current vehicle then reboot the Nuvi OS will just crash after the boot screen and log an RTL Trap.

Note: I have worked on hardware and software on various embedded processors/products over the years. This includes ARM processor based GPS chipsets, which the Nuvi is based.

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