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If you have, or know the Longitude/Latitude, is there a website that lets you enter them and find that location on a map, without using a GPS? Dumb question??

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Try this...

go to and put the coordinates you have in the converter at the top, and hit the 'map it' button.

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Thanks kch, just exactly

Thanks kch, just exactly what I was looking for. Have a good day!

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You can also do in in Google

You can also do in in Google Maps.

You can also use POI Edit

POI edit allows you to enter the longitude/latitude. If I double click on the named entry for that location, it goes to Mapquest and shows me the position. (I have my preference in POI Edit set for the Mapquest plug-in.

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You can use many places

I prefer to use the downloaded software of google earth (it is a large file but the software is well worth the download). Do a search for it. It is free and it is very cool because it gives you satellite imaging of where you want to go. You can enter in any address and it will take you there and give you the coordinates for the location. Why is this good you might ask? When looking for a place you might have an address but the address might be attached to a general area. For instance when i look up a specific restaurant in a very congested area it will lead me to the right area but the place will be so congested that i might not even find it. You can pin point using google maps and it will give you the long/lat coords which will allow you to make a more accurate poi entry. Google earth also lets you put in long/lat coords and it will take you there and give you a satellite image of the area. Highly worth the download.