Happy to be here


I have been shipping new Red light locations and think this is great for all of us. As I come across locations that do not alert me.....I fire them in.

I have a NUVI 680 with MSN and it is great.

I look forward to sending more POI's and chatting more.

Good Job;)

See now was that so bad;) I appreciate all the assistance you have been providing for your area.

Sometimes the red light camera contributors have to be pulled out of the dark so that others can get to know you also.

Welcome to forum land;)

Miss POI

Welcome -

Yes, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!
Don't be afraid of this bunch of Teddy Bears. We will do all we can to help.


Thanks....I will keep tem coming as I find them.....and try not to be afraid smile

dont forget to have fun

dont forget to have fun

This place is like the old

This place is like the old roach motel, you check in and can't check out lol. Thank you for the new locations of Red Light Cams.

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Happy to be here

Welcome Aboard and Thanks for the hard work on the red light Cameras you will have lots of fun here

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