New Garmin Commercial


Heard today on a Chicago radio station on the way home from work.

(Man & woman talking)
"This new Garmin GPS is just amazing. All this information right at our fingertips. {etc etc}"

(Voice of Garmin GPS)
"In .5 miles, turn left for Wal-Mart's grand opening on xx road. Save lots of money on {product list}."
"In 200 feet, turn left to save big money on {more products}"
"You have missed your turn. Turn back to take advantage of Wal-Mart's grand opening specials."

(Man & woman)
"That Garmin GPS is always right. We better do what it says."

Paraphrasing all of this fairly loosely, but you get the idea. Funny, but a little scary.

I predict that in a few years, we will indeed have paid advertising of some sort on our GPS units. Our GPS units could be the next new search engines for businesses to advertise, just like they pay Yahoo and Google to have their business listings prioritized when you do a search. Hopefully, not as onerous as this commercial presented it.

New Garmin Commercial

Not on my GPS unit!

That's what we said about the Internet

danbrew21147 wrote:

Not on my GPS unit!

Back in the old days, close to 10 years before Al Gore invented the Internet laugh out loud there were no ads. When the ads started popping up, there were many that predicted it would be rendered useless by the advertising because nobody would use it any more.

Having audio commercials would certainly kill it, but I could certainly see a time where businesses pay for a POI and icon to catch our attention.

The future is now

In a few years? The technology is already available. Phones with GPS, wireless internet, MP3 players, PDAs, all roled into one. Oh wait, thats called an IPhone! razz

Seriously, all they need to do is sell a GPS with an integrated air card and viola! Subscribe to a service that provides the POIs with the advertising and you'll get exactly what the commercial is advertising. I won't be surprised if they are already playing with something along these lines.

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