Turned on my GPS the other day for a trip to A.C. and it went to a warning screen about the maps being outdated due to being over one year old. Is there a way of making this message stop coming up each time I turn the unit on?


Some info about what unit you are using will help a lot.


I see it in your profile. Isn't there an update feature with your Garmin? My TT came with software that checks for the latest map.


It should go away by itself after a few times.

Happened to me too

I hope it goes away as it's happens to more for a while now.

How many is a few?

How long do you have to watch the reminder?

Have you updated the maps

Have you updated the maps recently? If not, I believe it will keep reminding you.

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I haven't updated the maps.

I haven't updated the maps. Hopefully it will just stop coming up after awhile like motorcycle mama said. Doesn't it cost alot of money to update the maps anyway?


You can get the update at Provantage for under $60.

Thank you

Thank you