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I'm trying to get an audio text CD (foreign language training)into the Audible Book Player in my Garmin 660. My first attempt I ripped the CD into my Multi Media program and then "sync'd" it to my 660's SD. It worked and played fine, but was located under the MP3 Player menu. After I slapped my head and said to myself, "Duh, you ripped it as an MP3 file so what did you expect!" I went back and deleted the file from the 660 and Multi Media and then ripped it as a Windows Media Audio and then as a a Windows Media Audio (variable bit Rate) same results. I really didn't know what I was doing but was simply into a trial and error mode. So the question is-- can I get this text CD to show up under the Audible Book Player Menu?

While I'll settle for the CD under the MP3 Player menu because it works fine, I feel challenged to put it under the Book menu.

I could not find anything under the FQA or past threads that I retained
Thanks for you help


I'm not aware of any way to covert an MP3 to an AA file.

You've done the only thing you can do with it

Ditto's to Motorcycle Mama.

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Audible Book Player

Thanks for your help. While I can't get to where I'd like to be with this-- it sure feels good to know that!

until next time.