golf courses

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Golf Courses - PEI, Canada

Last updated: 06/18/2008
golf_pei_canada.gpx (10.58 KB)

Golf Courses in Southern MD

Last updated: 06/18/2008
22 locations; Golf Courses in Southern MD_V.csv (2.14 KB)
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Tampa Bay Public Golf Courses

Last updated: 01/02/2012
42 locations; Tampa_Bay_Public_Golf_Courses.csv (4.91 KB)

Golf (Vero Beach)

Last updated: 04/25/2008
Golf (Vero Beach).gpx (6.55 KB)

Golf (Orlando)

Last updated: 04/25/2008
Golf (Orlando).gpx (6.49 KB)
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Las Vegas Public Golf Courses

Last updated: 04/04/2008
34 locations; Las Vegas Public Golf Courses.csv (2.97 KB)

Golf courses of Quebec

Last updated: 02/28/2008
golf_quebec.gpx (45.47 KB)
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St. Louis Area Golf Courses

Last updated: 02/18/2008
136 locations; St Louis Golf Courses.csv (14.48 KB)

Northern Ohio Golf Courses

Last updated: 01/29/2008
Golf courses.gpx (4.96 KB)

Sarasota Florida Area Golf Courses

Last updated: 01/22/2008
1 location; Golf Courses.csv (882 bytes)
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Suffolk County, NY - Private Courses

Last updated: 01/12/2008
3 locations; Golf Private Suffolk.csv (136 bytes)
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Nassau County, NY - Private Courses

Last updated: 01/12/2008
7 locations; Golf Private Nassau.csv (336 bytes)

Alberta Golf Courses

Last updated: 02/09/2009
50 locations; Alberta-GC.csv (5.12 KB)
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The Palm Beaches, FL - Public Golf Courses

Last updated: 09/29/2007
28 locations; Palm Beaches FL-Public Golf Courses.csv (1.54 KB)
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Colorado Golf Courses

Last updated: 08/31/2007
219 locations; Golf Courses Colorado.csv (28.44 KB)

Metro Boston Area Golf Courses

Last updated: 08/17/2007
golf courses.gpx (4.14 KB)
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LPGA Tournament Venues

Last updated: 06/21/2007
23 locations; LPGA.csv (3.19 KB)

Michigan Environmental Stewardship Certified Golf Courses(60)

Last updated: 04/28/2007
60 locations; MTESPCertPOI.csv (3.43 KB)
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Golf Courses-2 Brooklyn NY-3 Staten Island NY-15 New Jersey Near SI-1 Queens Pitch & Putt

Last updated: 09/05/2007
24 locations; Golf Courses-SI-Bklyn-NJ.csv (1.16 KB)

Hampton Roads Virginia Golf Courses

Last updated: 03/23/2007
54 locations; Hampton Roads Golf.csv (4.87 KB)
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