Mexico Maps GPS Atlas V2 - released (bicimapas)


V2 now released:

Notes from the Publisher about the update.

New Features

Added street detail for the remaining State Capital cities:
Aguascalientes, Colima, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Durango, Chilpancingo,
Morelia, Tepic, Ciudad Victoria, Tlaxcala, Xalapa, Zacatecas,
Saltillo, Culiacán.

Added the following cities as a suggested by several customers: San
Luis Río Colorado, Batopilas and Urique.

Added all the trails that match our Exploration Map series so they
may also be seen in the GPS as a complement to the printed versions.
All these trails feature autorouting capability. Also, in these areas
we added 20 meter contour intervals. This includes Valle de Bravo,
and the zone within Chiluca, Cuernavaca and the Nevado de Toluca

Added new POIs such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants and banks in
several cities. Also several toll booths in the highways network were

New file structure to ease identification and zone selection.
Simplified street search.
Improvements in POI search including airports and bus stations.
Added missing names to several POI's.
Improved main city visualization at outer zoom levels.
Topo lines will start to show at lower zoom levels to prevent screen
Minor town will start to show at lower zoom levels to prevent screen
Standard naming improved to ease search functions.
The state names were standardized to facilitate search functions.
Updated highways network.
The road classifications were improved for better display in the
screen without sudden type changes.

Removed the ocean section that was showing in Puerto Vallarta.
Fixed routing errors in the City of Guadalajara.
Fixed routing errors in highways numbers: 15, 200 in Oaxaca, 23, 54,
40, 80, 175, 45 and 147.
Fixed street layout in Mexico City for: Reforma and Periférico
intersection, Palmas and Periférico intersection, Reforma and
Circuito Interior Intersection, Periférico, Viaducto. Added
overpasses in the Santa Fe area.
Fixed street position gap in Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, San Luis
Potosí, Mexicali and Torreon.
Added Tunnels in Guanajuato.
Fixed street layout in San Luis Potosi.
Fixed layout in the Toluca and Queretaro highways.
Added a missing section in the Hermosillo Periferico.
Several other fixes and bug corrections were made as a result of
customer feedback.

We are developing new instructions for installation, street and POI
search and several other related subjects which will be made
available through the webpage.


The City search function may in some cases not to display the State
in which the city is located. This performance was there in previous
versions of the map This is due to changes in the receiver's
firmware. We are working to solve this issue as soon as possible and
an update will be made available at that time.