Alert sounds


I just came across the alert sounds page; so I started browsing the files. Living in a big city, if I put a majority of them on my gps, it would be going off all of the time. Best Buy alert, CompUSA alert (which they are selling out and will be no more), restaurant alerts, wow... more than what I would have ever thought of. grin

However, there are a couple that I can see problems with. Like the police sounds. know that if you put those sounds on your gps, you'd be thinking that you are getting pulled over before you would realize that it was your gps alert instead. I can see it going off and me finding a place to pull over cursing that I got caught speeding or something. grin And I know that I would not be alone in that!! grin

I knew I shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque! -- Bugs Bunny