Debating which to get Garmin 650 or TT 720.
Much debate on map inaccuracy's etc, I understand this is important.

However, ability to travel and use programed info. is also very important to me.


A. Ease at which to acquire POIs in advance. The Tom Tom One I played with, you could place a cursor on a route plan, revert to POIs for that locations and pull them up. Is that feature still available on the TT 720?

B. How is this feature applied or used on a Garmin?

C. Both Garmin & TT how are you able to reprogram the routes selected? I use interstates (across country travel) and many tend to direct you over secondary roads, i.e. state highways.
I realize you could program in varies cites to achieve the route you prefer but seems there should be an easer method? Anyone.