I am new at this GPS stuff. I have a nuvi 660. Great unit. I can use all the help adding stuff.


Go up to the top of the page

Go up to the top of the page on faq and it will give you all kind of info on installing custom pois etc.Then post any question you may have.Everyone will jump in to help you.Welcome to the site.

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Welcome to the site, jerryt. You'll learn a lot from these guys & gals. They really know their GPS Stuff.

It`s all here. Use faq and

It`s all here. Use faq and search. You`ll be tweaking ur unit to ur liking in no time. And everyone here is great if you get stuck. Welcome!

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nice to meet you Jerry! I'm new to this to, but it seems that this site is a great place to start.


Welcome Jerryt

Hi jerry: Welcome to this great site. I've learned a lot about gps from the great people associated with this site. One great advantage you will have is related to your computer capabilities. You can take advantage of many gps capabilities if you follow the suggestions from the talented people who frequent this site. Many are Garmin users.


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