Talked to Garmin at the Mac Expo about POI creation software...


Hi All,

I talked to Garmin's software people at the Mac Expo, in San Francisco yesterday and suggested they develop a software program that is, in effect, a template allowing users to create and save .gpx and .csv files on their computers.

Because XML is not platform dependent, the software could be created to run on Windows and Macintosh computers. All you would have to do, would be to "fill-in-the-blank" type format and then save it as a .csv or ,gpx file

They could call it "POI Creator" or some other descriptive name. This would take the mystery out of creating custom POI's.

Waddya think?



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Sounds like a great

Sounds like a great idea/program. Just hope that it gets back to the people responsible for making such decisions!

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